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Straits Regency Meeting on 24th February 2008

Hi Residents,

There will be a Meeting Schedule as the above. It will be discussed on:

a) The appointment of MNP Property Management Company by Ratu Managemrnt to deal with us with effective of April to form Joint Managment Committe JMC. it will also touch on the legality aspect of the above arrangement by Ratu

b) The appointment of Legal Adviser on behalf of Straits Regency

c) The new election of office bearer to form JMC to be held in April

d) Other matters as arised

Please make yourself available on next Sunday 24th Feb 08 as it is deem important to all the residents prior to the set up of JMC.


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Welcome 2008

Wishing all of you Happy New Year 2008

A) Update on the setting up og Joint Committee

  • Letter of request had been sent to the Ratu Management pertaining to the above. However, we have yet to receive any response. Anyhow, the dateline to set up the abave still stands which is at April 2008.

B) Traffics Woos at the road leading to Straits Regency (Along Coaster Tower)

  • We had received complaints from residents pertaining to the narrow road due to parking vehicles along both side of the road. A suggestion had been given that the road should be widened through reconstructing the "walking pavement" so that vehicles could able to park deeper in of at last 2 feets into the pavement. We had sent a letter of proposal to Ratu Developer in the hope that they will take the initiative to widen above mentioned road. We also consider involving state assemblyman of Tanjung Bungah if the issue could not able to be settled accordingly.

C) Get Together Party on the 26th January 2008

A buffet dinner will be held on the 26th January 2008, Saturday 7.30pm at the Pool Side. All residents are encouraged to grace the above event. We should get acquainted to each other. The price per adult (12 years and above) is RM16.00 which include the below dishes:

  • Oriental Fried Mee Hoon

  • Pineapple Rice

  • Curry Chicken Kapitan

  • Belacan Chicken Wing

  • Mixed Vegetables

  • Foo Yong Hai

  • Sweet and Sour Fish

  • Ginger Onion Fish

  • Nestum Prawn

  • Mixed fruits

  • Kerabu

  • Chicken Sausage

  • Drinks

No Children fees. Please contact Aikky Tan 012-4727765 Unit 2-5-2 for the attendance by latest 15th January 2008.

D) Thank you note to Madam Tan - Unit 2-11-2 for her ontributions

Madam Tan had brought in the following items :

  1. 18 x Chairs

  2. 5 x Big Umbrellas for the pool

  3. 3 x Deck Tables

  4. 4 x Deck Chairs

  5. 6 x Tables

  6. Sand Stones imported from Indonesia.

The Sandstones will be for "Upgrading the Guard House" to make it look grand and all cost will be bear by her. Any Residents who wish to donate a small portion (below RM100) for the upgrading cost is welcome. It is for the beautification of the building and compound. However, we will consult all when the design is ready and to approve it.